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Virtual community consultation on plans for the History concert hall in Beach scheduled for September 13 – Beach Metro Community News

The History concert and entertainment venue will be located at 1663 Queen Street East.


Beach residents will have the opportunity to learn more and share their concerns about the plans for the History concert and entertainment venue planned for Queen Street East at a community consultation town hall scheduled for Monday, September 13.

“Town Hall is an opportunity for the community to meet with some of History’s major players and provide more details on any questions or concerns,” said Steve Biasutti, CEO of History.

“We really look forward to working with everyone in the beach community and bringing a world class concert venue to the area.”

The virtual town hall takes place from 5:30 p.m. to 7 p.m.

The History concert hall will be located at 1663 Queen Street East (between Coxwell and Eastern avenues) in the former site of the Champions off-piste betting facility.

The 2,500-seat venue is created by Live Nation Canada in partnership with Drake.

News of History became widely known earlier this year, and since then a number of community concerns have been raised regarding the planned venue.

Cindy Cass, who is a representative of Beaches Neighborhood Watch and also administers the community’s local Facebook page on the site of the old Woodbine Racetrack, often referred to as Pleasantville, described some of the concerns expressed by residents.

These concerns include parking, traffic, crowds and noise, safety and litter, she said.

“Although there were a few major concerns, most people are excited about the place and grateful for the opportunity to bring more people to our area, who in turn can help other businesses overcome their challenges. losses during COVID. In short, the Beaches community is looking forward to the story and wishing it every success, ”Cass said in an email to Beach Metro News.

She also provided more details on some of the specific community concerns in her email which was also sent to the story reps.

Regarding parking, Cass said residents feared that once the green lots in the area were filled, there would be illegal parking on neighborhood streets. Parking is already a major problem in the area during busy summer weekends, she said.

“How are you going to encourage people to park in the parking lot and not on the street?” Cass asked History. “Our neighborhood needs a sufficient number of tow trucks to tow all illegally parked vehicles. Ticket cars are not enough. Are you going to provide an additional app including user friendly towing for vehicles parked in no parking areas? “

Traffic in and out of the beach is already a challenge, Cass said, and she asked if History will take action to deal with the planned increases once it opens.

“The traffic problems anticipated with the opening of History require serious attention,” she said. “Will you be working closely with the police and the bylaws department to direct the flow of traffic as you enter or exit the parking lot? “

Residents were also concerned about past incidents in which people waiting for taxis or Ubers were sitting on the porch furniture of residents in the area. “With the higher number of people leaving the concert, will there be a designated area for people waiting for their Ubers or taxis?” She asked History.

Coordination with public transport for people coming and going to concerts in the area will also be necessary, Cass added.

The community is also very concerned about the impacts of large crowds and noise associated with concerts, she said.

“The large parking lot directly across from Northern Dancer Boulevard provides an opportunity for continued and potentially disruptive party energy. What preventive measures will be taken to control the disruptive behavior if it exists? Cass asked of History.

She said that on the issue of public safety, the community has a number of concerns.

“Will you be partnering with police and city officials or do you intend to hire private security guards to ensure that security measures take place before and / or after the show? “

Beaches-East York Councilor Brad Bradford said today’s community consultation is a great opportunity for residents to share their concerns with representatives from history.

“This will include a discussion of noise and the management of groups of visitors coming to the site. As a local advisor, I will also be listening and closely monitoring the meeting and in the months ahead to understand and respond to any further impact on things like local TTC service, ”Bradford said in a statement to Beach Metro News .

He added that a concert hall like History will boost the city’s music scene and be a significant investment in the East Toronto region.

“Like any sector of the economy, we know that having a diverse and extensive infrastructure in place is so important for a city’s music scene to thrive. This place will contribute to the local community and the economy as a whole. History executives have already committed to providing space for community organizations and events as well as part of their efforts to give back, ”Bradford said.

“That said, operators need to strike a balance and make sure they are responsible and accountable for the proper functioning of the site. So far we’ve had every indication that this will be the case, but we’ll only know after the story opens. “

Those who wish to be part of the virtual town hall on the History of September 13, which takes place from 5.30 p.m. to 7 p.m., can broadcast the meeting on You Tube at

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