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New wedding and event venue to open in northern Illinois soon

It’s been eleven years since I got married, but I still remember the struggles my husband and I went through trying to find the perfect place to get married and hold our reception like it was yesterday. The lack of options in the Rockford area was not the problem, finding somewhere that resembled us and where we could consider celebrating our special day was.

For me, the atmosphere was everything. I already had pictures of reception decorations in mind, and wanted to find a place that matched that style. My husband just wanted a place with a big bar, unlimited beer kegs and beautiful scenery. I can tell you right away that we could have saved ourselves a lot of wedding planning arguments if Union rockford existed in 2010.

Rockford’s newest hotspot opens soon in Rockford

For months now, the old Auto Workers Union headquarters building at 112 N Second Street in Rockford has undergone major changes …

What it looked like is being transformed into a magnificent event venue called Union Rockford …

Union Rockford will offer multiple spaces to host a corporate event, party or gathering, and their 11,000 square foot space on the second floor will be an ideal location to host a wedding reception for 200 people. Just look at this incredible bridal suite …

Can’t you imagine yourself taking photos or having a cocktail in this beautiful bar right now?

Union Rockford is already accepting reservations well into 2022, and the space hopes to officially open for our party fun in just a few weeks! Stay tuned for updates!

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