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Bath County Open-Air Concert Hall Hosts First Show

BATH CO., Ky. (WKYT) – A brand new concert hall first opened on Saturday.

Barnyard Entertainment Venue at Cloverbrook Farms hosted Sawyer Brown, Tyler Booth, Drew Parker and George Molton.

Co-owner and director of reservations and marketing Jeff Vice said the venue was an empty field redesigned as a concert hall.

“It started out as a pipe dream, we wanted to do a small venue of about 800 people and I figured we had to do something bigger than that if we are to make a dent,” Vice said.

The concert was held on a temporary stage, but the owners told WKYT they expected the permanent amphitheater to be completed by the end of the month.

“I imagine a big amphitheater, I think it’s going to be awesome,” said guest Andrea Chaney. “It would be nice to have some shade.”

Vice said a few thousand music fans attended the concert. Trenton Newman, of Richmond, said he would return.

“Lots of space here,” Newman said. “I don’t see how it doesn’t take off.”

Chaney said she and her husband liked the place for its location.

“We’re from the same area as Tyler Booth so we wanted to check out… we’re happy to see him go far, we’re happy to watch him,” she said.

Vice said the decision to build in Bath County was intentional.

“The main thing was that we wanted to do something for the local economy,” Vice said.

He said 150 to 170 people will be employed at major concerts.

The Barnyard will host 12 concerts in its inaugural year. Vice said there are plans to host 22 concerts and two music festivals in 2022.

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