It will have occurred to everyone at least once in the life of a loan to cover unexpected expenses.
In many cases, the need to receive funding becomes particularly urgent, especially if the costs of medical care, a car to go to the workplace or an indispensable household appliance must be paid.

A factor then bears a strong weight: the speed of the loan disbursement by the credit institution. So how long does it take to get a loan?

The time to get a loan varies depending on the credit institution

The time to get a loan varies depending on the credit institution

One element to take into consideration when evaluating the loan disbursement timing is the institution to which one refers. It should be kept in mind that there are no well-defined times that govern the granting of a loan, so the scenarios will be extremely variable. 

It is therefore advisable to give priority to those institutions that have a long experience in the credit sector : a good reputation and a ten-year activity in the sector can be a guarantee of rapid and direct disbursement.

Relying on banks or institutions with limited skills may turn out to be risky, even if the interest rates offered and the repayment plans offered may appear more attractive. 

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The speed of the loan is influenced by the requirements

The speed of the loan is influenced by the requirements

Delivery times can be influenced by the applicant ‘s age, seniority, good health of the applicant and possible extinction of other ongoing loans. 

If you have all the necessary requirements, the funding can be almost immediate. Should there be any particularities, on the other hand, the time required to analyze the request may be delayed due to longer administrative checks. 

Waiting times also depend on the type of loan 

Waiting times also depend on the type of loan 

Another factor that affects the timing of the granting of a loan is the type of financing chosen. 

Among the faster ones, we can mention for example the Cession of the Fourthe for civil servants and pensioners, an option that allows applicants and the bank to quickly complete bureaucratic procedures, thanks to the agreements signed directly with the administrations of reference.

Furthermore, by choosing the Assignment of the Fourthe, you will be able to repay the loan with convenient direct deductions on salary or pension. Furthermore, you will have the guarantee of obtaining a loan that is always sustainable, as the monthly payment will never exceed 20% of the salary or net pension. The contractor will therefore always be able to rely on sufficient residual liquidity to cover the rest of the monthly expenses.

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